Most People I Know, think that I’m Cra-aa-aazy!

He might look it, but he's not that strange (mostly), and neither are you!
He might look it, but he’s not that strange (mostly), and neither are you!

Dear Reader, right now you are doing something that your children might think is very strange indeed. No, no, not that!

I’m referring to the fact that you are reading this article in an actual newspaper. Unless you’re reading it online, which is also good, but still a little strange.

Sadly, I haven’t got round to meeting most of you (yet), but it’s a fairly safe bet that you are middle aged or older, educated, well informed, and organised enough to make time to read opinion pieces. I really hope you enjoy this one (and, by the way, so does my bank manager).

Or, perhaps you are a fellow writer looking to get into the column scribbling game? If that is you, then get yourself a decent dictionary, open it, and find the word ‘Plagiarism’; in other words, write your own stuff pal, I’m working this side of the street!

Now, this column is approximately three hundred words long, which is about two hundred and ninety more than todays’ Facebook addicts can cope with. If you’ve managed to read this far, then Well Done!  You’ve made it further than most, and that includes my Long Suffering Wife; fortunately for me.

It’s the bane of her life that I don’t devote my weekends to backyard makeovers, or enjoy the sort of hobbies that would not only get me out of the house for extended periods, but may also be extremely hazardous to my health, eg: base jumping, cage fighting, or being unfaithful.

She thinks it’s strange that I’d rather spend my spare time indoors writing columns. I don’t think it’s strange, it’s quite enjoyable and much cheaper than therapy; or divorce.

And Dear Reader, I don’t think you’re strange either; endangered perhaps, a dying breed possibly, but definitely not strange.


  1. Dear Greg, You are such a breath of fresh air. I so enjoyed reading your “column scribble”. I have been thinking of starting to write, I have a few ideas, but just starting is the biggest step! You have an encouraging, witty and fun presence. Thank goodness for your article on the ‘stuff’ page of our local weekend paper. It was meant for me!!


    • Thanks Sue, glad you enjoyed it. Thinking of starting to write is a good first step… I do that everyday when I should actually be writing 🙂 Best of luck with your scribbling!


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