Christmas Car Park Consideration!

"Just give me the parking spot and nobody gets hurt... oh, and by the way, Merry Christmas."
“Just give me the parking spot and nobody gets hurt… oh, and by the way, Merry Christmas.”

It was a Christmas Miracle!  Someone had stopped to let me back out of my parking spot!  In a busy shopping centre!  On a Saturday morning!

As I reversed, I called over my shoulder, “Thankyou very much!  So very, very, from the bottom of my heart, oh so much!”  A true gentleman, he merely nodded his head.

Meanwhile, in front of my car, a woman in a 4WD was so keen to take my parking spot that she had blocked my way forward, so I, and the cars piling up behind me, were stuck.

Sighing, I motioned for her to back up a little, but she simply glared and folded her arms.


Putting on my winningest smile, I wandered over to her vehicle, but by the time I got there she had locked the doors and was dialling someone on her phone.

“Hello!” I called through the glass, “I don’t suppose you could…”

I can’t write what she loudly told me to do; and how often.

Slightly shocked, I returned to my car, inched it back into the empty parking spot and listened to a couple of songs on the radio while the logjam of vehicles cleared.

After they’d all gone I was surprised to hear the sound of a car horn.  It appeared that the woman was still waiting for me to leave so she could use my parking spot!

I slowly got out of my car, locked it, noted the line of cars behind her stretching to the horizon, then returned to the shops.  As I passed by her car she wound down her window and screamed, “You inconsiderate pig!”

“And a Merry Christmas to you too madam!” I beamed, and whistled a jaunty carol as I sailed off.

Well, it is the Season of Goodwill; apparently.

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