Electoral Eccentrics

If it's the Queens' land, shouldn't she be running the place?  With some help from 'Sir' Phil...
If it’s the Queens’ land, shouldn’t she be running the place? With some help from ‘Sir’ Phil…

At some point today I’ll slip on my good thongs and toddle off to vote.  Afterwards I’ll stand under a garden hose and scrub myself furiously until I feel clean again.

Voting in Queensland is always a bit of a trial, because we have an uncanny knack for electing folk whose only talent is to make the rest of the country sit up and wonder just what the hell is in our drinking water.

Our State Parliament is full of ‘colourful’ politicians, which is the nicest way to describe some of the crackpots we’ve elected over the years.  And we can always be relied on to ship some outstanding oddballs off to Canberra’s Parliament House; although they’ll have to work a lot harder to stand out from the current mob running that circus!

Queensland seems to have an unlimited supply of eccentric politicians who go out of their way to make our State a national laughing stock, and how some of these specimens manage to get elected in the first place is a complete mystery to me.

Although I have a theory that prior to each election, local pranksters around our State nominate their village idiot as a candidate, then to their surprise (and horror), the clown gets voted in.

And even if that dribbling drongo treats parliament with all the tact and grace of mobster terrorising a cowering village, somehow, no matter how bad they are, they still manage to get re-elected over and over again.

Honestly, I lived here nearly all my life, and still can’t work out why we do it to ourselves.

Maybe it’s because we don’t have daylight savings, have a sadistic/masochistic streak or perhaps the humidity up here has stewed our brains?  Either way, political life in the Smart Sunshine State is never dull.

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