Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

So... do you come here often?

So… do you come here often?

Young mate looked a bit dejected so I asked what was wrong.  “Where do you meet nice girls?” he moaned.  Well, I knew the answer to that question, “Stay away from my daughters!” I bellowed.

Now, the young fella doesn’t seem to have any trouble attracting the ladies with his simple, but devastating, technique; basically he turns up at the pub and smiles a lot.

And even though he’s having a great deal of fun playing the field, he is struggling to find Miss Right, or any relationship lasting longer than a wild and sleepless weekend.

Now, things may have changed since I was on the open market, but one thing is for sure, it’s rare to find Miss ‘Keeper’ in a pub or disco… actually, are they called disco’s anymore?

My own experiences in nightclubs were not good.  The music was so loud that it killed any chance of conversation with the ladies, which meant I had to mime my requests for a dance.

Of course, in the poorly lit and smoke filled surrounds, my genuinely innocent actions were often misread as a suggestion for another activity closely related to vertical dancing, which lead to some interesting moments.

Plus the fact that I sashayed about the dance floor like someone receiving a series of violent electric shocks didn’t help my chances either.

It eventually dawned on me that these venues were not the places to find lasting love.  The nice girls were in social, sporting and community clubs or small gatherings at friends’ places.  It’s a real pity I didn’t discover this before permanent hearing loss set in.

Anyway, young mate will soon work it out for himself, but in the meantime I can only hope he stays distracted long enough for my daughters to marry some nice blokes.

About Greg Bray

Greg Bray didn't come from Gladstone, and moved away from the place forever in his twenties then came back and settled down. He is occasionally surprised to discover he's over 50, still enjoying riding his battery powered pushbike 'Pubtruck III' and getting a buzz from writing and publishing blog posts. He is a huge fan of Bill Bryson, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Tolkien, Alain de Botton and countless other writers who have made him chuckle (or think) over the years (although he does feel a bit guilty for owning a couple of Jeremy Clarkson books). One day he hopes to bring joy to others through his own scribblings.
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4 Responses to Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

  1. roweeee says:

    Fortunately, our daughter is only 9 but our son goes to high school next year and while he shows no signs of chasing girls at this stage, his friends are starting to cross that bridge. My attitude is similar to yours. I quite pleased he’s interested in Minecraft!


    • Greg Bray says:

      Hahaa! Enjoy this relatively quiet time Roweeee 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • roweeee says:

        yes, I as just starting to lean back in my chair and put my feet up until the horror of high school starting up next year hit.
        I can also see my daughter is going to be tricky. Short shorts seem to be “in” around here and my daughter’s exceptionally lean and very much a “Twiggy” and I’m looking at that scenario and thoughts of locking her up, or the boys for that matter, during high school seem very appealing. I think crossing a minefield could be an easier prospect!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Greg Bray says:



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