Easter Thoughts…

Eastereggs_ostereierNearly two thousand years ago a man was nailed to a cross for asking people to be nicer to each other for a change.  For some reason, we commemorate this event by eating our bodyweight in Hot Cross Buns and chocolate.

Now before you reach for your quill, I do recall from distant Sunday School lessons that Easter is the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ.  Although, how a magical rabbit and coloured eggs got involved was never explained to my complete satisfaction.

In time I also discovered the four popular versions of Jesus.  Christmas Jesus: the tot in a cot.  Easter Jesus: the shattered wretch on a cross, and Resurrection Jesus: who rose from the dead then shot through to Heaven before anything else happened to Him.

Finally there was ‘Jesus!’ the swear word.  Oddly enough, I’ve never heard anyone yodel “Buddha!”, or, “For Krishna’s Sake!” after stubbing their toe.

I wonder why?

Eventually I learned that Jesus was much more than all the above.  For starters, He had quite a lot to say that outraged the religious establishment of His day, and I’m sure He’d have a lot to say about the religious establishment of today as well.  But what’s even more impressive is that He managed to get his message across to the masses without Facebook, television, radio or a major sponsor bankrolling Him.

Apparently He’s returning again ‘soon-ish’, but next time He won’t be anywhere near as pleasant.  Personally I reckon He’ll spend at least two days crying His eyes out when He learns what has been said and done, in His name.  And just wait til He finds out about the Easter Bunny!

You can’t blame Him for getting upset; He tried being nice the first time He visited and look where that got Him.

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