Over Happy

1280px-Keks“Cheer up mate, it might never happen!” I reassured my glum chum.

She smiled wanly, “I’ve really got the ‘blahs’ today, I’ll feel better once I’ve had a good cry.”

I replayed her statement in my head then asked, “Sorry, you’ll feel better after bawling your eyes out?”

“Yep,” she replied.  “Sometimes I just feel like listening to a sad song then having a little cry, and afterwards I’m usually much happier.  It’s like hitting my emotional reset button.”

“Um, can’t you just cheer yourself up by thinking positive thoughts?”

“Sometimes.  But you can’t be happy all the time can you?”

Apparently not.

After some thought, I realised that throughout an average day I can swing between being happy, angry, bored, excited, confused or busy.  But most of the time, I’m distracted.

While my body toils merrily away, my mind is skipping over fields, replaying a memory, wrestling with next weeks’ column, having imaginary conversations or pondering life’s big questions, e.g.: why is my bread often sliced unevenly?

It dawned on me that it’s impossible for anyone to be happy all the time.  Seriously, you can’t spend every waking minute trying to maintain a permanent state of eye-popping ecstasy.  Plus you’ll be certain to attract the sort of people who aren’t happy until they’ve made everyone else around them completely miserable.

So why try?  Why not acknowledge that sometimes you just don’t feel like being happy?  It doesn’t mean you’re completely unhappy, does it?

Anyway, speaking of misery, I shared a cracker of a joke with my friend which made her giggle, but before I could follow it up with the next rib tickler she snapped, “Look, why can’t you just let me enjoy being sad?!”

Well, you just can’t help some people.  Honestly, it’s enough to make you weep!

About Greg Bray

Greg Bray didn't come from Gladstone, and moved away from the place forever in his twenties then came back and settled down. He is occasionally surprised to discover he's over 50, still enjoying riding his battery powered pushbike 'Pubtruck III' and getting a buzz from writing and publishing blog posts. He is a huge fan of Bill Bryson, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Tolkien, Alain de Botton and countless other writers who have made him chuckle (or think) over the years (although he does feel a bit guilty for owning a couple of Jeremy Clarkson books). One day he hopes to bring joy to others through his own scribblings.
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3 Responses to Over Happy

  1. roweeee says:

    Agreed. I really believe that you are well within your rights to acknowledge the bad stuff and to offer up some kind of symbolic gesture to recognise it as well. I have been through so many catastrophes now, both real and false alarms, that I know the sun will eventually poke its head back out but that doesn’t mean that I’m currently stuck in the rain and dodging lightening strikes and that’s okay xx Rowena


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