May Fitness Resolution

If it's cold outside, be sure to wear your socks while exercising.
If it’s cold outside, be sure to wear your socks while exercising.

Ah, it must be May!  Shorter days, blissful, cool weather and the flocks of New Year Eve Resolutioners’ have flown from the gym and walking trails; again.

I don’t blame them.  The very worst time of year to try and get fit is in the middle of an Australian Summer, because it’s way too hot!

Now, before you nominate me for the ‘Most Obvious Statement of the Year’ award, I would like to add that it’s far too hot to do anything at all, apart from sitting under a fan or air-conditioner complaining about the heat.

So, the last thing anyone should be doing is shocking their out of shape bodies in mid-Summer with an unhealthy dose of exercise.

Seriously, I nearly passed out just ambling to the shops one sunny January morn.  Realising I was in a lot of trouble I rasped to Dumb Dog, the family terrier, “Run home boy!  Get the chopper!”  That’s how delirious I was; Dumb Dog was at home resting in the shade.  Not so dumb after all.

Then there is the humidity!  For those of you lucky enough to have never experienced months of mind-numbing mugginess, allow me to describe what it’s like:  it’s like living inside a giants’ mouth.

You get out of the shower, dry yourself, and by the time you’ve hung up your towel and reached for your underwear, you’re soaking wet again.  All movement becomes an energy sapping strain, like trying to move through a deep, warm, tub of molasses.

It doesn’t take long for the NYE Resolutioners to work out that being unfit or overweight is much better than, say, dying from heat exhaustion.

But, the Summer hibernation is over now, and it’s time to start exercising again!  Soon-ish.  Well, possibly before June… or August… definitely October.

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