Life in the Fast Lane

Or pull out in front of speeding cars!
Or pull out in front of speeding cars!

It was an action packed few seconds.  The little dog was yapping frantically, the woman holding it was screaming hysterically while her husband gawped in wide-eyed horror.  If they hadn’t seen me before they pulled onto the highway, they certainly could now.

Slamming on the brakes, I somehow managed to slew around their caravan and 4WD.  Meanwhile, on the on the radio, a singer warbled, ‘Jesus Take the Wheel’.  I was yodelling something similar myself.

But Jesus was obviously on His coffee break, so it was up to me to get out of this mess; again.

I used up quite a lot of real estate getting my car back under control, and for once, the semi-trailer that usually appears at such times didn’t show.  So, um, thankyou Jesus.

Sliding to a halt in front of a billboard which informed me, ‘Tired Drivers Die’, I slowly lifted both feet off the brake pedal and started breathing again.

The 4WD and caravan wobbled by and the little dog continued giving me an earful so I couldn’t make out what the woman was yelling, but I did see her husband waving at me; he really should have used a lot more fingers.

This goose had nearly killed all of us, and somehow, it was my fault?!  Doesn’t anyone take responsibility anymore?

I gripped the steering wheel and sincerely wished (not for the first time) that my car had a roof mounted rocket launcher.  Then Slim Dusty started singing ‘Lights On The Hill’, and I sighed as thoughts of fiery revenge disappeared faster than my brake pads.

Humming along with Slim, I flicked on the indicator, double checked my mirrors then pulled out in front of a couple of motorcyclists who were conducting a high-speed highway time trial.

That was an action packed few seconds.

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