Humble Bragging (IMHO)

humble-brag-17Have you heard the latest term, ‘Humblebragging’?   Basically, it’s complaining, or putting yourself down, in order to draw attention to something you’re very proud of, eg: “Oh no! Now I have to spend a fortune on a new suit because my silly little column just won a prestigious award! LOL! :)”

Not that I’d ever write something like that, because I really can’t see myself buying a suit and besides, those contests are rigged I tell you!

Plus I’ll never be guilty of Tweeting: “Am so over supermodels hitting on me when I wander outside in my pyjamas to get the morning paper!” Because I don’t know how to Tweet.

And I’m pretty certain I’ll never post the following on Facebook: “Typical! My favourite pants don’t fit me now that I’ve lost all that weight!” Not unless someone invents a fat stripping beer.

Mind you, I have been guilty of declaring the following: “Last night I tried telling the Prime Minister what was wrong with his latest scheme, but he deliberately ignored me!” As he would when he’s in Canberra and I’m half a continent away yelling at my TV set.

Look, we all like to project our best selves, I mean, when was the last time you posted an unflattering photo of yourself online? The one where you had a tail of toilet paper sticking out the back of your pants? It’s nice to be liked, but humblebragging is a bit like stringing sausages around your neck just to get the dogs’ attention.

The trick is recognising the fine line between expressing your pride and smug boasting. Basically, it’s knowing how to show off with style!

And that was exactly how I explained it to Bill Shorten on FaceTime this morning after dialling him by mistake. Just my luck!

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