Fathers Day Awards

The new club uniforms were also revealed.
The new club uniforms were also revealed.

“Who organises a soccer club awards presentation on Father’s Day?!” I cried.  Apparently people who don’t have any other choice.  Eventually I was prised off the beer fridge and we set off to my daughters’ clubhouse.

Father’s Day or not, all good dads know attending awards ceremonies is important; especially if you’re way behind in the Father of the Year stakes.

So there we sat, in a room full of yelling kids, waiting for our daughter to get her award and secretly plotting the earliest possible escape.

But as things got underway, it started to dawn on even the dimmest among us just how much this event meant to each child in the room.

For the boy who wanted to play soccer so badly that he learned some basics off the Internet and practiced his heart out until his parents signed him up.

And the girl who kept her niggling injury a secret because she didn’t want to let her team down.

Or the little fella who grudgingly took on the job of goalie, then rose to the challenge during the season and literally saved the day during the Grand Final penalty shoot-out.

A feeling of pride filled the room as special mentions were made to the children who couldn’t play for various reasons, but turned up each week to support their teams, or help in some way.

It was a fairly stirring occasion, and speaking of which, there must have been some dust stirred up as well, because quite a lot of folk got a bit teary.

Even now, as I recall how inspirational those little go-getters were, I actually find myself hoping that next years’ ceremony will fall on Fathers Day again. And if my daughter chooses to play next year, well, that’ll be a bonus too!

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