Mans Best Chum-p

How embarrassing...  socks AND sandals!
How embarrassing… socks with thongs!

Dogs of the world, mankind is not your best friend! Seriously, you really do deserve so much better.

Earlier this week, upon hearing of another eye watering case of animal cruelty, it confirmed for me that not only should some people never be allowed anywhere near dogs ever again, but we’re getting the wrong animals ‘fixed’.

And each day it seems like I’m walking my dogs past a lot more barking mutts who are caged inside small yards. At some point, their owners had bought a ‘cute widdle puppy’, loved it to bits for a few months, got bored with it, then locked it in the backyard for the term of its’ natural life.

Now, while this is technically not cruelty, it certainly isn’t good dog ownership. These people wouldn’t dream of caging their children in a dull, heartless, soul sapping environment every day; probably. Note: school doesn’t count, besides which, at least the Rugrats get to go out each day.

Folks, if your dog is spending all day staring into your house through a snot caked glass door, before putting in a twelve hour nightshift barking at moths out of sheer boredom, then maybe you should consider spending a little more time with it?

Dogs don’t like companionship, they crave it. They love going on walks, playing, exploring, running along the beach and doing other interesting doggie stuff with each other in public, much to their owners’ embarrassment.

Dogs are not some sort of fashion accessory which can be dumped every couple of years when the latest i-Pooch arrives on the scene. Dog ownership is a serious, long-term commitment; unlike modern marriages or position of Prime Minister.

So, if you’re not prepared for that sort of ongoing responsibility, then get a goldfish. Please, treat it nicely.

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