FTW! Facebook Truth Week

perfect-facebook-lifeFolks, I’m a happy, insightful, witty and quite frankly, amazing bloke; but only on Facebook, the real me is a little more… complicated.

And it appears that the majority of my Facebook family, friends and a growing number of complete strangers, have picture-perfect lives as well.

Apart from the few honest losers bravely baring their souls online, most of my Fb village seem to have thoughtful partners, wonderful homes, fantastic holidays, talented children/grandchildren, great jobs, throw fun parties and eat amazing looking meals.

The lying sods!

Look, I’m usually delighted to see things going well for my online, and offline, tribes, but seriously, they can’t all be this orgasmically happy?!

That’s why I’m toying with organising Facebook Truth Week (FTW), to reveal the glaring differences between our virtual, and actual, lives.  ‘Why?’ you ask.  Because I’m getting jealous and depressed, that’s why!

Note: as you can see, I’ve already begun practicing for FTW.

So, for one week, I’d like everyone on Facebook to post only the honest truth in all its’ terrible glory.  And we’ll get off to a flying start on Monday morning by uploading a close up photo of our faces.  No make-up.  No quick brush of the hair.  No wiping the drool off our chins or the sleep from our eyes.  Let’s share the full horror story!

By Wednesday, I expect to see posts that wouldn’t look out of place on the walls of a crime scene.  And at the end of FTW, we should all be thoroughly purged of our Facebook ‘Polly Anna Syndromes’, slightly disgusted with each other and quite possibly separated and jobless.

Won’t that be fun?!

Hopefully FTW will make us all realise that everyone is pretty much as screwed up as everyone else, aka: normal.

Well, obviously everyone except me.  Honestly!

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