Life Reset

20160102_090911_resizedAh, the joys of modern living. This Christmas, I updated my aging computers’ anti-virus and threw in a system clean-up for good measure.  Result: one dead computer.

Ho. Ho. Ho.

After doing my Donald Duck impersonation, I eventually got the old girl to restart in Safe Mode, crossed my fingers and clicked on System Restore.

The hard drive buzzed and clicked like a damp power line, blinked a few times then started gasping for air. A Christmas miracle!  It was alive!  Alive I tell you!

Now, I realise that one day my faithful PC won’t self-resuscitate and will wind up in Computer Heaven, aka: the recycling bin, but until then I plan to spend quite a lot of quality time with it.

Later, I found myself thinking how handy it would be to be able to reset our own lives this easily. Perhaps you’ve fouled up in the Game of Life in a big way, e.g.: lost your dough, job or partner, were in the right place at the wrong time or forgot your mothers’ birthday?

Whatever the situation, you were dropkicked through the Goalposts of Misfortune and are now sailing into a future full of guilt, regret, shame or pain. But, imagine if you could simply click on System Restore and restart your life all over again at an earlier, happier point?

How great would that be?!

Sadly folks, until my time machine project gets back on track, we’re all just going to have to live with the consequences of our choices.

But in the meantime, we can regularly clean out our personal hard drives of the bad sectors, corrupted files and glitches that have been slowing us down, or causing us to crash unexpectedly. Try doing it daily for peak performance.

Oh, and keep your anti-virus protection updated!


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