This Weeks Read: Like a Tramp, Like a Pilgrim

Like a TrampWhat do you do when you finish your first novel and, minutes later, your house is hit by a lightning bolt which fries your computer and cherished book?

If you’re Harry Bucknall, you make a cup of tea, read the paper and decide to go for a walk.

After rewriting the novel, Harry packed a bag and set out from London to follow the old Pilgrim route from Canterbury to Rome. Nearly 100 days, and over 2000 kilometres later, a very footsore Harry reached Rome, then  went home and wrote an account of his journey, ‘Like a Tramp, Like a Pilgrim’.

In it he shares his thoughts, ideas, experiences, adventures and conversations with fellow travellers.  And when a fellow pilgrim announces, “Harry, Engeln wachen uber mich.”  (Angels watch over me), he finds himself agreeing, recalling mystery folk in the distance pointing the way, or warning him of danger ahead.

Whether you believe or not, it’s nice to know that the old trails are still being used by the faithful, and not so faithful. And after reading Harry’s book, I’m mightily tempted to ‘go for a stroll’ myself; or preferably a ride!

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