Book Review: ‘Women I Adore’ by Lynda Taylor

IMG_4088 (Medium)I recently heard about local writer Lynda Taylor through a friend and tracked down a copy of her book, ‘Women I Adore’.  A few days later a lovely package arrived in the mail, along with a nice note from Lynda.

I read it that day and was quietly impressed.  So impressed in fact, that I’ve re-read it a few more times since, then decided to call Lynda and ask her the following questions:

Gb: Lynda, I really enjoyed reading the heartfelt tributes to your family and friends, is this your first book?

Yes.  It took a long time to get published, but I was really happy when it was finally printed.  It won a silver medal in New York, and sales so far have been quite good.  In fact, we’re looking at a 2nd print run. 

Gb:  Why a book? What made you choose this medium?

Traditionally I think a book is the best way of communicating these ideas.  

Gb:  Getting published – easy or hard?

Very, very hard!  I had an agent for a long time but getting published by mainstream publishers turned out to be very tricky.  After many years, the book was self-published with the help of Emma Borghesi of Brolly Books.

Gb:  A unique feature of your book are the three pages in the back where the reader can place photos of the women who have inspired them, with some space to write an accompanying story.  I liked it!

My agent and publisher thought that was a fairly unique idea too! In fact they were worried a bigger publishing house might copy the idea.  I wanted to help people add their own tributes when giving it as a gift to women they adore! 

Gb: What were your friends and family’s reactions when you first proposed the idea?

Most were pretty excited about it. And very positive when they saw the finished product. Unfortunately, due to printing restrictions there were some who got left out, which was very hard to do.

Gb:  Great photos by the way, I particularly liked the use of black and white photography.

Peter Sechi is a long time friend of mine from Coffs Harbor, and yes, he does have a very good eye.

Gb:  Your next project is?

A secret at the moment! But someone has suggested writing a book about ‘Men who are Bastards!’

Gb:  I can’t wait  🙂

You can find Lynda’s book here:

And her Fb page:

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