The Pub Test

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Quite a lot of ‘research’ went in to getting this photo…

Over the years I’ve spent a little bit of time in pubs; purely for research purposes of course.

So when I hear a TV, or radio, commentator attack some politicians’ latest brain bubble with the following statement, “This wouldn’t pass the pub test!” I always wonder where these clowns drink.

My last conversation in a pub was a witty debate about who was the funniest comic from the 1970’s, Dave Allen or Paul Hogan. Although, things went rapidly downhill when some eavesdropping drongo demanded it was Ugly Dave Gray.

Occasionally, a political topic will rear its’ head, but before things turn nasty we’ll quickly agree that they’re all a bunch of crooks, then start squabbling about who’s shout it is.

Frankly, I’m not keen on the ‘pub test’ being used to pressure politicians into forming, or changing, public policy.

Look, I’m not saying we don’t discuss matters of high import, but it depends on who you’re talking to, what time of day it is and how much they’ve had to drink. But, politics is one of several topics I usually try to steer clear of, because generally I go to the pub to get away from this sort of thing, i.e.: reality.

Still, when the mood takes me, I’m a great listener, particularly if someone’s happy to pay for the drinks while chewing on my ear. As a result I’ve heard some interesting political views, some of which have made Clive Palmer sound like the voice of reason!

Frankly, I’m not keen on the ‘pub test’ being used to pressure politicians into forming, or changing, public policy. Personally, I’d prefer the opinions of folk not addicted to alcohol, gambling and bumming cigarettes.

Still, I may be hanging out at the wrong pubs and perhaps it’s time I dusted off my good thongs and sampled the conversations at some different watering holes?

Purely in the interests of research, of course.

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