Community Minded

make+life+by+what+you+giveFolks, I have a dream that one day we’ll go back to living in a Community, because frankly, I’m getting a little tired of living in an Economy.

Recently, the ex-Minister for Something, Tim Fischer, declared that for the sake of the economy we should have set dates for the Australia Day and Easter public holidays to stop Aussie workers from taking sickies and extending them into longer weekends.

Who’s dreaming now?!

‘…the majority of us would soon find something useful, meaningful and worthwhile to do.’

Merely locking in the dates won’t stop Serial Sickie Taking Veterans from having an extra day off, so the Economy will still cop a smack to the chops.

So, here’s my two cents: forget public holidays, how about paying everyone not to work?!

Seriously, apart from the reliable few who wouldn’t budge even if their beds caught fire, the majority of us would soon find something useful, meaningful and worthwhile to do with all that spare time.

Think of the possibilities!

We could build, fish, travel, garden, create, spend time with loved ones, potter, paint, shop, study, cook, write, sing, help others, try new hobbies, DIY, invent and generally do the stuff we try to cram into every weekend.

In fact, we’d probably get a lot more done because we’d be enjoying ourselves, without all the paperwork, threats, boring meetings and demeaning performance reviews.

And how do I know this? Just look at how most retirees fill their days.  Honestly, most of them are probably busier now than when they worked a forty plus hour week!

Not only are they boosting our economy, they’re also keeping our communities glued together and, I’d like to add, they’re doing it for quite a lot less than Tims’ majestic pension.

Anyway, it’s nice to dream, but I can’t see my idea (or Tims’) happening anytime soon.

Oh well, back to work…

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