Safe Anchorage – for now

IMG_4128 (Medium)
You really can get this close to boats in Gladstone Marina – but remember to keep your grubby fingers off them!

Folks, Gladstone is a fairly safe part of the world to live in, in spite of the few roving opportunists who will take advantage of any situation.


For example, on countless occasions I’ve left my overloaded trailer unguarded in the hardware store carpark while I’ve popped back inside for another sausage in a bun, and, I don’t wish to embarrass the forgetful idiot involved, but several times I’ve come home to find the front door of our house hasn’t been locked (although I could have sworn it was locked when I closed it on the way out) yet nothing has been stolen.

Also around our village are numerous boats parked on front lawns, footpaths and streets, yet you hardly ever hear of them missing propellers, safety gear or trailer tyres. Granted, there are lowlifes about who will happily steal unguarded crab pots from the river but, for some reason, won’t stoop to grabbing them from a parked boat on the side of the road.

And last weekend I pottered about the marina with other locals admiring yachts that cost more than the space shuttle’s fuel bill, and we were able to do this because our marina isn’t locked down like Fort Knox.

Try getting anywhere near the millionaires toys in the Gold Coast marina and the security guards will drop you faster than a schoolbag on a Friday afternoon.

I suppose our turn will come one day, but for now, let’s enjoy what we’ve got before it’s taken from us.

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