Re-Stating the Obvious

Brisbane – now the northern capital of N.S.W!

Robbie Katter and co. have raised that hoary old macadamia nut again about North Queensland going it alone as a separate state. Frankly, I think they’re trying to peel the banana from the wrong end.

The reaction from Brisbane was predictable, “You’ll be broke within a day!” they cried, once they’d stopped laughing.

Meanwhile the rest of us panicked about where the dividing line would be, I mean, folk in rural centres south of Mackay would be a bit miffed to be left out of the new state. And I for one am especially keen to make sure that Bundaberg, and its’ vital rum distillery, are on my side of the border.

Then there’ll be all the arguing about which city/town/village should be dubbed the new State capital. Well, Townsville’s too hot, Cairns is too far from everywhere and I’d rather kiss a cane toad than see Rockhampton being given more power.

‘…we could sit back and enjoy watching Brisbane being forced to play fourth fiddle to Sydney, Canberra and Newcastle’

Perhaps we need to build another city like Canberra, but in Central Queensland, in order to settle the… actually, no, let’s not do that.

Fortunately I have come up with a better plan (and for once, it doesn’t involve an army of highly trained monkeys). All Mr. Katter and co. would have to do is simply move the squiggly line of Qld’s southern border around Ipswich and just underneath Caloundra so that Brisbane becomes part of NSW!

And, because we’re a big-hearted bunch, we’ll even toss in the Gold Coast; let NSW deal with that basket case.

Then we could sit back and enjoy watching Brisbane being forced to play fourth fiddle to Sydney, Canberra and Newcastle; we’ll see who’ll be broke within a day.

And Robbie Katter, if you manage to pull this off, then I’m available for a diplomatic posting as Queensland’s’ ambassador to Byron Bay.

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