Hooking Up

Dory Jan 06 1
“If there was one thing Dad loved more than the serenity, it was a two-stroke motor at full throttle!” Dale Kerrigan – ‘The Castle’

Folks, I hope we get great weather this weekend, because the Hook Up is on, and usually it’s… NO, don’t even think it!

The Hook Up is a cracking event, even for those of us not really into killing fish. It’s just nice pottering around the wonderfully named Bray Park, admiring the new boats, gawping at the fish in the tanks, watching the cooking shows and stuffing my face with foods that would normally be off limits to me.

Plus, I catch up with mates I haven’t seen since last Hook Up, and share lies yarns about the magnificent fish that had got away, or been eaten before anyone could take a photo.

“They say that the two best days of a boat owners’ life are the day he buys his boat, and the day he sells it.”

Oddly enough, the one thing I don’t do during the Hook Up weekend is actually go fishing.

Probably because there’s too many people out on the water, and also because I’ve sold my faithful old tinny, ‘Collapso’.

They say that the two best days of a boat owners’ life are the day he buys his boat, and the day he sells it.  But I’m not so sure, because it was a bittersweet moment when the new owner carted ‘Collapso’ off, and it still feels odd seeing that empty space in my shed where she once sat.

Anyway, like all fishermen, I live in hope, and one year I might win the Hook Up prize boat.

It might even get used a couple of times before I sell it, but only if the weather is really, really good.

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