Change In The Air

IMG_4133 (Medium)
Winter is officially here!  Apparently…

Last week, we were watching the shenanigans in Canberra on tele when Long Suffering Wife announced, “About time!”

“Yep, the election’s finally begun,” I muttered, “change is in the air.”

“No, not that,” she replied, “they’re wearing jumpers, winter’s here!”Shocked, I noted that this was indeed true, and that the leaves on the trees around Parliament House were ablaze with the colours of autumn!

Meanwhile, not ten feet from where we were plumped under a blasting fan, our parched lawn was wilting in thirty degrees of heat, the mulberry tree was starting to fruit several months early, and the snowflake shrubs were flowering.  Apparently, even Mother Nature was struggling to keep up with the strange changes to our seasons.

After enduring a particularly sweaty summer, I’ve never looked forward to winter so much in my life.  And last month, I cheerfully announced to my family that we’d probably just enjoyed our last summer swim as things should be cooling down soon.  Well, we’ve had several more dips since, and as soon as I finish tapping out this column I’m going for another plunge.

Folks, if we’re going to be enjoying longer months of decadently warm autumn weather, then frankly, I can see an upside to Climate Change, Global Warming/Cooling or whatever it’s being called now.

Anyway, things are definitely hotting up in chilly Canberra as the politicians start spinning furiously in their struggle to charm the voters who want wholesale changes, while reassuring those who want nothing to change.

And as we wait for winter, I’ll also be waiting patiently to see what changes the contestants in the ‘Canberra Lotto’ hope to foist upon us. Mind you, it’s what they’re not telling us that really worries me, which just goes to prove, there’s one thing that never really changes.


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