Old Gladstone Knowledge

Unknown Holden 1989
Add ‘Park Lane Video’ to the list of old shops that have disappeared…

The other day I was driving past the Skate Centre when… sorry, what do you mean, “Where’s that?”

You know, the Skate Centre, next to the Ten Pin Bowling Alley, across from Capri Soft Drinks on the way out of town, just before you hit the Bends?

Look, you go past Bonney’s, then Denmac Ford, under the railway lines and… ah, I think I see what your problem is; I’m living in the past.

But it got me thinking about how many old names I still use, e.g.: Little W, Garden Lovers roundabout, Frosty Boys, Trees Estate and the Golden Chicken intersection. Plus, I’m still amazed that the French Restaurant is where people go to get physio these days.

And I’m not alone, because when my mate moved here in the 90’s and got a job driving cabs, not only did he have to memorise Gladstone’s suburbs and street names, he had to learn the addresses of businesses that had long since closed down, eg: Webbers, PCD, Reids and Vesel Motors.

I wonder if any of Gladstone’s current cabbies could drop you off near Norms ‘Greek Burger’ café?

Look, we live in a region where things change quicker than Superman in a crisis, so I’m struggling to keep up. Mind you, I’m sure some older residents reading this column probably thought I was referring to the old skating rink at Barney Point Caravan Park.

Anyway, enough reminiscing, I think I’ll go for a cruise down to the waterfront… sorry, East Shores.


  1. hahaha! That reminds me of someone I used to work with who’d say she was going to Jacks. When I questioned her she’d reply “You know. In the Valley” every time! I’d already been in Gladstone for several years by that stage, but had no clue where she was talking about. Twenty-odd years later, I’m still not sure, but I think she was talking about the Woolworths Supermarket down at the bottom of Goondoon Street …. if that’s still there.


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