Indian Winter

Things have finally cooled down at Tannum Sands beach

Gladstone recently experienced a two day ‘Indian Winter’, and to celebrate, half the town caught a cold.

Frankly, Gladstonites are not a cold weather people and have about the same ability to cope with frosty weather as a Cooktown lizard.

It doesn’t help that our homes are designed to remove heat as quickly as possible, so double-glazing, fireplaces and heaters will never be big sellers here in the Harbour City.

Now, while some folk overcompensated by dressing like eskimos, most of us put on our Queensland Winter outfits; men in shorts and thin cotton jumpers, and women in full length nylon tights with oversized pullovers.

There were a smattering of scarves, hoodies and beanies, but these were quickly stashed away when the unseasonably warm weather returned.

Meanwhile, as we sneeze our way through the last days of what is technically autumn, the Northern Migration is underway and Gladstone’s camping grounds are swelling with pale tourists escaping the southern winter; such as it is.

And last weekend, as I gawped at some escaped lunatics from Tasmania swimming at Tannum Sands, it occurred to me that they might not be so crazy after all.

Because, as anyone living north of Nambour knows, it’s far easier to warm up than it is to cool down, so if next summer turns out to be as humid as last summer, then I might hitch a ride south myself when the herd turns for home.

But not too far, because frankly, I’m not a cold weather person.

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