Backshift Parking Lots

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Fortunately, one employee turned up to work this weekend…

Folks, if you’re out n’ about this weekend, why not take your family for a little drive to some of Gladstone’s lesser known local attractions; factory carparks!

Boy, that’ll be one adventure your kids will talk about for years, or possibly use as evidence against you later when they’re trying to have you committed.

But, they may actually be surprised to see just how few cars there are in our factory parking lots. In fact, last weekend, I drove past the near empty Powerhouse parking lot and wondered if the place was being run by remote control, or if all the shift-workers were walking to work.

Now, as an ex-shifty, I have a pretty good idea of just how many people it really takes to run a factory on backshifts, weekends and public holidays, and it’s a lot less than you think; if everything is going well.

But when things go mango-shaped, then it’s all hands on deck as everyone gets super keen to keep the place running. Because the last thing any shift-worker wants is mobs of highly stressed managers rushing about the place making ‘interesting’ decisions; this sort of thing is not good for production.

And if the Gladstone Grapevine is correct, there’ll be more parking spaces freed up in the near future, so the remaining workers won’t have as far to walk to the front gate.

Sure they’ll be working much harder as numbers around them dwindle, but at least they’ll have something better to do this weekend than drive around looking at empty carparks.

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