Any Old Port in a Storm

Ship Mates
Kianga Chief Crew – top blokes!

Folks, it’s easy to complain about the things that are wrong in Gladstone, and if you want a fairly comprehensive list that’s updated daily then check out… no, I won’t give them a free plug. But occasionally, this old town surprises even the hardest cynics. 

Now, last week you could say we were all a little distracted. Those of us who weren’t hit by a particularly nasty flu, were debating whether to sit on the toilet, or kneel in front of it.  Nursing homes were in lockdown, the hospital was inundated, and even Doctors were phoning in sick.

The Origin teams were named, and the political battle for the seat of Flynn lingered on; and on, and on… and plenty of stuff was happening in the wider world too which made us shake our heads in horror.

Meanwhile, a rusty old ship, one engine dead and the other just turning, limped into port and sagged to a halt at Auckland Point wharf. Aboard were 21 Fijian and Papuan sailors who hadn’t been paid in ages and were surviving on a diet of tinned food and rice.  They were feeling a little anxious too.

Now it was Gladstone’s time to shine.

A cry for help went out and food donations came flooding in from locals, and businesses. You should have seen the smiles on those fellas’ faces!  We might be doing it a little tough here in the Harbour City, but underneath our hard exterior beats a generous and giving heart.


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