Relay for Life

HopLivesHere_RFL_CC_Pos_CMYK_VFolks, if there’s one event I hope to see stricken from our local calendar, it’s the annual Relay for Life.

Stop!  Before you slam down your paper/tablet/PC/phone or whatever device it is you’re reading this article on, or in, let me explain:  if cancer is eliminated, then we won’t need to hold the Relay for Life anymore!

If there’s one thing I’d like to see happen in my lifetime, it’s finding a cure for cancer. Imagine the joy this will bring to millions around the world?!  Think of future generations looking back at cancer in much the same way we regard polio and measles.

It can happen.  It will happen.  We’ve got to have hope.

According to the Relay for Life website, due to the money raised so far, 61,000 Australian lives have been saved over the last 20 years. Improvements in cancer prevention and screening mean that less people will hear the words, “You have cancer.”

We are making a difference. A big difference.  Let’s keep up the great work people!

And this weekend, local teams will be digging deep to walk in relays for twenty four hours around Chanel College oval, and you can help them by digging deep and donating at:

But the Relay for Life is not only an event to raise much needed money, it’s also a time to remember fondly all the folk no longer with us and to celebrate with the survivors.

To share the hope that one day, hopefully soon, we won’t have to march at all.

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