Facebook Hiatus

See you in 100 days… probably 🙂

Folks, I actually know people who don’t use social media, have never commented on an article, blogged or tweeted. Apart from that, they seem like reasonably well adjusted individuals.

In fact, I’m going to join them; it wouldn’t hurt to try being well adjusted for a little while.

Possibly it’s because I’ve become a little jaded with the social media circus. Like a chicken pecking at a feeder we’ve become trained to constantly check our profiles. Gawping at the amazing things our friends are doing, or eating. Or seeing how many ‘Likes’ we’re getting on the stuff we’ve posted, and often feeling miffed because the posts we stole from other folk aren’t getting the same amount of ‘Likes’.

Or, perhaps it was the shock of working out how much time I waste online nowadays. It’s amazing how a three minute update on my friends and family’s activities can take over an hour; which is really chewing into my TV watching time.

Worst of all, social media gives me the illusion that I’m keeping in touch. But I’ve finally realised that the best way to keep in touch with my friends, is to unpeel myself off the couch and actually visit them in human form.

Also, there’s a pretty good chance I could start having conversations again with the other i-Zombies wandering around my home; aka: my family.

So, for the next hundred or so days leading up to Christmas, I’ve decided to go social media cold turkey. It’ll take some adjusting, but I’m planning on reading more novels, wiping the dust off my guitar and having a twang, catching up with family and friends, and getting round to finally finishing the jumbled saga known as ‘My Damned Novel!’

This could actually be fun!

Please, click ‘Like’ if you agree… please!

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