Droning On


Apparently South American drug dealers are using drones to deliver their produce to paying customers; giving a new meaning to the term, ‘Flying High’.

To the horror of U.S. authorities, Mexican drug lords, barons, and kingpins are navigating drones, with ten kg payloads, over the border, and, alarmed that someone’s getting away with this serious crime, i.e. not paying import taxes, the Feds are counterattacking with heavily armed drones of their own.

Also, in the land of the free (and slightly terrified), various Police departments have been equipping their drones with tear gas canisters and Tasers to keep any uppity locals from getting any unlawful, or unruly, ideas; the home of the brave indeed!

Here in Australia, it probably won’t be long before various Government departments send forth drones like the Flying Monkeys in the Wizard of Oz. Imagine catching a fish on some remote beach and being buzzed by a Dept. of Fisheries drone which orders you to hold it up so it can check its’ species and size while photographing your stunned face?

Ditto for speeding motorists, poachers, illegal tree fellers, farmers trying to sneak free water from nearby creeks and anyone else attempting to be naughty, or short-change the Government.

No doubt the next wave of drones will be piloted by lawyers advising folk of their rights as they’re being chased by Police drones, who are in turn being filmed by news drones, followed closely by swarms of gawker drones piloted by local sticky beaks.

Unless, of course, they’re all suddenly diverted by a skinny dipper, a topless celebrity or some poor wretch showering with the window open.

So enjoy your privacy while it lasts fellow citizens, because these annoying little buzzers are here to stay, and no amount of droning on about them will change that.

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