Trump Flushed on World Toilet Day

“And if elected I promise to flush away all your problems!”

Folks, today is World Toilet Day! I don’t know who thinks these things up, but they’re probably getting paid a lot more than the wonderful folk who actually clean toilets.

Note: World Sickie Day is yet to get the global recognition it thoroughly deserves, but I’ll be flying the flag for it come May 2017.

And last week was National Psychology Week, which slipped under the media radar as America was deciding which clown would be running their circus from now on.

The irony of the US election falling in the middle of Psychology Week is the sort of coincidence that makes me snigger into my Weet-Bix of a morning, especially when both candidates looked nuttier than a Kingaroy silo.

Eventually, America’s very own Clive Palmer, Donald Trump, was tossed the keys to the White House beer fridge.

Now, ‘The Donald’, as he lovingly calls himself, must be a psychologists’ dream come true. A walking, talking, well, blathering and shouting, case study in narcissism, lying, denial, lewdness, rudeness and aggression; just like our Clive (who’s probably phoning his lawyers right now).

Hopefully President-erect Trumps’ first order of business will be to seek immediate psychological help to stem the urge to use his special female greeting (guaranteed to make any woman’s eyes pop or your money back!)

Seriously, there’s a very real danger of The Donald getting his Presidential crotch kicked to custard by some attractive lady with a black belt, who objects to being publicly groped by Gods’ gift to women.

Regardless, life goes on no matter which maniac is managing the asylum, and, to celebrate the US election result and World Toilet Day, I’ll leave you with these wise words from a truly great American, Mark Twain:

“Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.”

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