Giving Back to Gladstone

Ask not what Gladstone can do for you… etc.

Folks, volunteers give up a little bit of spare time, and in return get a feeling of contentment, a cup of instant coffee and occasionally a fistful of chocolate bikkies!

It’s nice when people want to do something to help, but it’s even better when they actually do it. And there’s a lot of folk out there missing quality TV watching time to support the many charities, clubs, associations, churches or groups desperate for unpaid assistance.

Everyday teams of people are selflessly raising foster children, nursing neglected animals, caring for the sick, elderly, disabled or homeless, patrolling beaches, rescuing turtles, singing in nursing homes, fundraising, cleaning, coaching, teaching, refereeing, making sandwiches, babysitting, campaigning, collecting donations or happily toiling away at any one of the thousands of things that need doing in Gladstone to make our city safer, healthier, nicer or slightly less miserable.

Volunteering is the glue that keeps our communities together, and this year, instead of trying to lose weight (again), or get fit (again) why not unglue yourself from your couch and become a welcome member of a Australia’s family of nearly six million wonderful, noble, and extremely good looking, volunteers?

Actually, I’ve never given it much thought, but six million volunteers is quite a lot of people! Surely a group that size must snag the attention of every politician currently crawling over broken promises to kiss the feet of magnates, corporations or sulky shock jocks?

Anyway, folks, if Gladstone’s been good to you, then have a think about giving a little something back. Pick a charity or group that appeals to you, sign up and join the happy band of local volunteers making a small, but valuable difference to our community.

And if you’re real lucky, you might even get a free chocolate bikky… or two!

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