Last Years’ Resolution

Help Others, Keep Calm… and make sure you have some spare pens handy

As long time readers of this column will be aware (Hi Mum!), I don’t do New Years’ resolutions, so when I made one last year, everyone was shocked; including me.

Anyway, my resolution on December 31st, 2015 was to find an organisation and become a volunteer. This sudden burst of bigheartedness was bought on by my hippy/New Age mate, ‘The Moon Unit’, who gave me a card for Christmas with the following message on it: ‘Help others and you help yourself’.

The more I thought about it, the more I liked it.   Not that I’d ever tell the Moon Unit that, because if she suspected for a moment that she was getting through to me, my house would suddenly be filled with healing crystals, Tibetan prayer flags and smelly incense.

Folks, I’m having a hard enough time dealing with my old age let alone coping with her New Age.

Also, part of me (my negative chi… apparently), wondered if this was her way of trying to help me, and by default, helping herself? Without overthinking it too much (and it took a while to derail that particular train of thought) I had to admit that the sentiment on her card really struck a chord.

Help others and you help yourself.

Well, thanks to The Moon Unit, I decided to make 2016 the year of helping others. The next question was; who? There were so many worthwhile groups, clubs, charities and organisations needing, actually, screaming for volunteers, that it was hard to know which one to choose.

Plus, should I give time, or money? And how much of each? Should I pick one organisation, or spread myself across a few? And finally, why was I such a serial procrastinator?!

After a couple of days, a few phone calls and talking with friends, I selected one particular charity and signed up. Well, it’s been an education, sometimes a trial, but overall a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

And at the end of each shift, I pop open the communal bikky tin and think, ‘Help others and you help yourself.’

Don’t mind if I do!


  1. Ha ha…you both inspire me and make me laugh. I love your posts. I’m just such a newbie at all this. I had no idea that there were people like you, who are so much like me, out there! Viva la Lighter Note!

    Liked by 1 person

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