Box Set Binge

Just another 5 hours of dodgy dealings…

Folks, the world is rapidly dividing into the ‘Haves’ and ‘Have Nots’ i.e.: those who have watched the box sets of Game of Thrones, Madmen, The Wire, The West Wing, Deadwood and Breaking Bad, and those who haven’t.

Now, I’ve watched some of the above, but honestly, who has time to spend all weekend watching TV? Well, obviously apart from shut-ins, prisoners, the retired, bed bound or the people who should be checking politician’s entitlements or monitoring rampant fuel price hikes.

Anyway, last weekend I popped into the museum, sorry, the library (they haven’t fully transitioned yet), and was strolling past the DVD section when my eye caught sight of some old friends: Minder DVD’s!

Minder, was a 1970’s TV show following the adventures of a small-time, Cockney swindler and his mostly honest bodyguard, aka: the minder.

‘Wow!’ I exclaimed loud enough to have been kicked out of the library once upon a time, but not since they became desperate for customers, then, grabbing all the season one DVD’s, I scuttled home.

That afternoon, I dusted off our DVD player and watched the first episode, then the second, the third, and was halfway through the fourth when it dawned on me that it was dark outside.

I had stuff to do!

Dogs to walk and feed, tea to get ready, a column to write, barges to tote, bales to lift, a house to paint, you know, the usual Saturday routine. But it was too late now! So, I showered while the microwave nuked some leftovers for the dogs, then settled back down for another ‘Butchers Hook’ (look) at ye olde time conman capers.

At some point before dawn, muttering unintelligible Cockney phrases, I staggered off to ‘Uncle Ned’ (bed) a converted box set binger. I could hardly ‘Adam and Eve’ (believe) it!

I’m still feeling guilty about blowing a day and night in front of the tele, so it might be a while before my next box set bender. Well, unless the museum/library has the next six seasons of Minder, then it’ll be ‘Wotcha’ this weekend me old ‘China Plates’!

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