Sweet Hit

One lump?  Or twenty three?

Folks, too much sugar really is bad for you; apparently.  Unless, of course, you’re a cane farmer, sugar mill worker, on the sugar marketing board or a politician living in a cane growing area.

I’ve been addicted to the sweet stuff for years, but I put on a bit of weight over Christmas and the flab hasn’t disappeared like it usually does by now; much like this stinking summer we’ve been ‘enjoying’.

Alarmed, I Googled ‘Lose Weight Fast!’ and found ninety million web pages to research – should I live to be six hundred.  So I asked my mate how he’d dramatically lost weight and he said having major heart surgery really motivated him to ditch the pounds… you know, I probably should make more of an effort to stay in touch.

Anyway, his gym trainer told him to eat anything he wants, ‘just as long as it doesn’t contain sugar’.  Well, there’s a challenge, because these days sugar is everywhere and we vacuum it up by the tonne, often without even knowing.

For example, at a recent fuel stop, I bought a packet of chips, a small chocolate milk and a bottle of flavoured water.  As we puttered down the highway, Long Suffering Wife read the information label on the milk carton and announced that what I’d just used to wash down the chips contained three large spoonful’s of sugar.

Folks, I wouldn’t shovel three table spoons of sugar into my gob in a week, let alone into one single drink small enough to qualify as a mouthwash!

Astonishingly, my allegedly healthy water contained just as much sugar as the milk drink, and to top it off, the fuel I’d just pumped into the car was also sourced from sugar.  Then Long Suffering Wife pondered aloud how much sugar must be in my favourite rum, so I quickly changed the subject.

I’m not ready to go cold turkey just yet, and while this is sweet news for Australia’s cane growers, it isn’t helping my bulging waistline.  Fortunately I’ve got eight more months to trim down before the next Christmas binge.

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