Generation Smart

The Bray family celebrating getting 16 out of 30 questions correct on the weekly quiz!

Folks, here’s a question to ponder: Are you smarter than your parents? Well, if they’ve done their job right you should be; and you’re probably better looking and got all your teeth too.

If the weekly quiz in this paper is any guide, then I’m slightly smarter than my parents, although, their knowledge of recent pop stars, celebrities and new movies is pretty bad, and that’s where I tend to outshine them.

Still, they take me to town on geography, history, classics, maths and anything to do with Agatha Christie or pre-1970 cricketers. Just don’t ask them what they did last week, because that will completely stump them.

My children are young adults now, and judging from the way they speak to me, I’m pretty sure they think they’re smarter than me. Lately I seem to be getting plenty of eye rolls, and hearing “Oh, Dad!” a lot.

Now, I’m not completely stupid. I was their age once, and as I recall, my own parents were dumber than ants. Everything they did, or said, was wrong, annoying or embarrassing. I’m sure they just lived to humiliate me in in front of girlfriends, mates and complete strangers.

Anyway, as I grew older, the smarter they got; and, funnily enough, slightly shorter. It slowly dawned on me that they knew a bit more than I gave them credit for. Dad could fix things, notably stuff that I’d pulled apart, while Mum had a steel trap memory for birthdays, important dates, peoples’ names, funny anecdotes, recipes and the time I forgot her birthday.

I reckon they were smarter than their own parents, especially when it came to adapting to new technologies. Their generation, the Boomers, experienced one of the most astonishing transitions in human history, literally from the horse and cart to the computer age; and from grand statesmen to alternative facts.

Today they marvel at their two year old great granddaughter who can navigate her way around any i-Thingy she can get her sticky little fingers on. And I expect that one day my own great grandchildren will amaze me with how clever they are.

And if they don’t, well, I’ll blame their dumb grandparents!

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