Licenced to Learn

experience-of-driver3Folks, a year ago the Littlest Princess got her Learners and started the process of spending one hundred hours behind the wheel of our car. But not with me because, apparently, I’m ‘Mr. Yelly’.

Not at our jittery new driver you understand, instead I’d vent my spleen at the impatient clowns who beeped at her whenever she stalled at traffic lights. Occasionally, I’d lurch from the passenger seat and point out to these intolerant, small-minded cretins, that not every learner was a driving prodigy like they were, and that we lesser mortals make mistakes while learning to drive.

For some reason, this made my daughter even more nervous, so a replacement tutor was found. Help soon arrived in the shape of a dear friend with the patience of a saint, nerves of titanium and an extremely generous life insurance policy.

She also knew the current road rules in minute detail, plus the differences between various Australian states for ‘L’ platers; which was an education for all of us. For example, learner drivers in NSW are not permitted to travel faster than 90 km/h on the highway and they’re not allowed to tow a trailer, caravan or boat.

Does anyone else think that making learner drivers slow up traffic on already crowded highways is sheer madness? How did this become law?!

Obviously, any Qld ‘L’ plater unwittingly crossing the border at 100 km/h while towing a trailer, must be viewed by NSW traffic cops with the same relish as a pack of hungry sharks watching a lone surfer paddling out to sea.

When our daughter asked why the driving rules are different between the two states, I explained that NSW are only doing this out of revenge for recent State of Origin defeats. If there’s another reason for these idiotic road rules, then I can’t think of it.

Anyway, last week she got her licence and should have a long, and happy, driving career as long as she doesn’t cross the border. At least until I can find a way to get rid of state governments and their petty little laws!

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