LARC-ing About 1770

LarcFolks, what’s over fifty years old, fairly bulky, bright pink and wallows on the beach at 1770? Hint: it’s not me… I’m more of a bright red colour.

Anyway, if you answered, LARC, then select a prize from the middle shelf. And, if you know what LARC is an acronym for, then help yourself to a gift from the top shelf, because the rest of us got it wrong when we were asked.

Now, doing a LARC tour has been on my list of ‘Things to Do Before My Knees Give Out’ for some time, and last week we finally hopped onto one of 1770’s famous amphibious tourist icons.

To be honest, it was only because Long Suffering Wife had decided our family should do something constructive during our holidays, apart from watching me flop about on the sand like some bloated, sunburnt, alcoholic dugong.

So, one afternoon, the Family von Bray clambered aboard the Dr. Solander where we were welcomed by the smiling Macca. Once the safety stuff had been dispensed with, and he’d collected the names of volunteers happy to dig the vehicle out of the sand if things went awry, we set off.

Well, it was un-LARC-ing believable! Macca was a wealth of information, and even cracked some surprisingly good ‘Dad’ jokes. The highlight was plunging off a sandbar into the river, possibly to the surprise of any stingrays snoozing in the shallows. Still, it was so much fun we got Macca to do it a few more times; even though my bladder was starting to protest.

Now I can hardly wait to do the full day LARC-tastic Tour to the Bustard Head Lighthouse, and while I’m waiting for Long Suffering Wife to organise it, I’ll go back to wallowing on the beach and turning bright pink…

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