Up the Creek


It was tricky, but I managed to get to work…

Folks, it wasn’t the promised deluge we’d been expecting, but for the first time in years, we’ve received some glorious spring rain.

And, apart from all the other benefits that wonderful, drenching rain brings, there’s another one that’s often overlooked; our regions creeks and rivers will be getting flushed clean in time for the Summer swimming season!

Gladstone, be warned, I will soon be peeling off my shirt at some local swimming hole and taking a bracing, fresh water plunge. Obviously, straight after I’ve checked that there’s at least one decent waterfall between me and any pioneering/rock climbing saltwater crocodiles.

The trouble is, now that my favourite swimming hole, Santa Glen, is under twenty foot of water, where can I go for an enjoyable creek dip? Sadly, Pikes Crossing, Catfish Creek and the Boyne and Calliope Rivers don’t quite meet my, slightly neurotic, ‘croc free’ criteria.

Plus, I don’t know what chromosome I’m missing, but I still haven’t found the allegedly ‘easy to find’ waterfall and rockpool off the Blackmans’ Gap road.

I’ve heard rumours of some cracking, off the beaten track, swimming holes dotted around the Boyne Valley, and tried getting GPS co-ordinates from numerous valley locals. Sadly, begging, bribery and stamping my foot have failed to produce directions to a single hidden puddle.

Which means the family von Bray will wind up paddling about in the weed free water of Nagoorin Creek. It’s kid friendly-ish, croc free (I hope) and for the thrill seekers among us who enjoy dicing with potential spinal injury and blunt head trauma, there is a bridge to jump off.

Then again, we might save a bit of time and spend our summer weekends thrashing about in a freshwater pond that’s much closer to home; the town pool. But only if it’s not raining.

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