Local Artists on Local Radio!

Jack Viljoen

Folks, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m fairly easily impressed, but whenever I hear young Hayley Marsten yodelling on the car radio I can’t help but shout “Yee-ha!” then sing along.

It’s great to hear home-grown talent being played over the airwaves, even if the station playing her music isn’t a local outfit. Which got me thinking, why don’t our local radio stations play music being produced by our local artists?

We’ve got some amazing talent in this village. Jack Viljoen and Andrew Thomsen are two muso’s who spring to mind, and there are plenty of others out there banging away at their instruments, or singing up a storm, in order to get slightly tipsy people up and dancing in the aisles every weekend.

Judging from the number of folk turning up at local pubs, the Country Music Club, Crow Street Creative, Music Under the Trees and The Boyne Valley Campout, there’s already a local fanbase ready and waiting to hear their fave pickers and singers on the air.

Perhaps, if it’s not too much trouble, one of Gladstone’s DJ’s could produce a ‘Local Muso Hour’ on a radio station in our town?! They could interview the singers, play some of their songs, get the lowdown on upcoming events and maybe even take some calls from fans?

Look, even the biggest bands in the world had to start somewhere, and I’m sure they would be happy to donate an hour of their airtime to our homegrown artists… well, I won’t tell them if you don’t.

Maybe, even in this age of iTunes, Spotify and internet radio, we could break the trend and bring the people’s music back to the people i.e.: us. Local artists on local radio!

I’m Greg Bray signing off, and you stay classy Gladstone. Yee-ha!

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