Prom Night

Ready for the Prom

Folks, it’s Prom/Formal time! This week we get to publicly acknowledge the achievement of our regions students who’ve survived twelve years of school.

Good for them!

We don’t have many rites of passage events in Oz nowadays, which is why I’ll happily join our family and friends to cheer on The Littlest Princess and the rest of her freshly minted high school graduates.

For some reason, I’m under very strict instructions not to say, or do, anything embarrassing, especially if I think is funny?

Anyway, it’s been a pretty busy year for our senior alumni. Along with the pressure of studying for final exams, finishing assignments, working part-time, playing sport, getting a licence, choosing a career and ignoring their parents’ heartfelt requests to clean their rooms, they’ve also had to prepare for their Proms.

And, after watching my daughter and wife fuss for months over prom preparations, it occurred to me that we didn’t put this much effort into planning our own wedding! Admittedly, my only tasks were to wash the cars, turn up on time in a suit (sober!), and do as I was told which, thinking about it, was excellent preparation for married life.

Oddly, my prom preparations were pretty much the same? I washed Dads’ station wagon, put on a brown, nylon, safari suit (it was semi-stylish at the time), then Dad and I picked up my prom date, Liz Watson, who looked amazing; actually, she still does.

There were no cheering crowds, red carpet or, thankfully, media cameras. The few photos I’ve found with me wearing the safari suit have been burned.

Times have changed, so, tonight, we’ll queue up in the main drag and proudly applaud as the kids, sorry, young adults, parade past us and step boldly into the future.

They’ve truly earned it.

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