Gladstone Supercar Track

My mighty Kia needed a little assistance to get over the line…

Folks, this week Rockhampton’s petrol-heads began searching for a section of Rocky road to host a supercar race on next year. Obviously not as rocky as the highway is between Rockhampton and Gladstone.

Anyway, perhaps someone should tell them that Gladstone’s already got a supercar racetrack ready to go?

Because, you may not know this, (and frankly I didn’t know either until a couple of weeks ago), but Gladstone has a touring car racing circuit built into its’ road network, right in the heart of town. Possibly nearer the liver than the heart, but I digress.

Anyway, let me take you for a quick spin.

The starting line is, well, I’m not sure where it’s officially supposed to be, but let’s make it at the Marina University, whose carparks could double as pit lanes and garages.

The cars speed past the Information Centre, turn left at the Mission to Seafarers then drag race over the mudflats along Alf O’Rourke Drive to the powerhouse bridge roundabout, before blasting down Hanson Road, making a hard right into Lord Street then over the Marina Bridge to the Start/Finish line.

Obviously, the drivers will be praying that the bridge won’t be semi-erect as they slide sideways around the corner, but it would make for interesting viewing watching them try to jump the gap.

Anyway, inspired, I decided to do my own tour of the ‘circuit’. Of course, my little Kia didn’t quite reach the subsonic speeds even the slowest supercars travel at, plus it’s now making some interesting noises which will no doubt prove expensive to repair, but folks, after my test drive, I firmly believe that hosting a supercar race in our neck of the woods is quite doable.

So, stop looking Rockhampton hoons because, once again, we’ve left you in our dust.

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