Fan of Anton!


Folks, I recently met a bloke whose personal motto is: “To leave people better than I found them.”

As mottos go I reckon it’s far better than: “Screw everyone else, I’m alright!”

Anyway, the man in question is Anton Guinea, and I’ve just finished reading his second book ‘How to Get Life Results’. It was so impressive I decided to take a leaf from its’ pages and ACT, so I contacted Anton for a quick catch up.

Well, chatting with Anton is like downing two strong coffees at breakfast; you’re left buzzing for hours afterward. This is a fella on a personal mission to inspire as many people as he can, in the shortest possible time, to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

Note, he’s not trying to teach us how to perfect, or happy 24/7, but to be content with our lives. To wake up each morning excited, (yes, actually excited) about the day ahead and the possibilities it may bring.

Who wouldn’t want to live a life like that?

It’s a far cry from the existence that most of us lead in the workaday world where we get up, do the same crap we did yesterday, pass out in front of the tele, rinse and repeat until a certain Mr. G. Reaper rings the front doorbell.

Anton told me that that most of us commit more time and effort into planning our annual holidays than we do to planning our life goals. And those of us who do manage to casually toss a few items into our personal ‘Bucket Lists’ rarely commit to going hard after them.

Frankly, I reckon this must drive Anton slightly nuts on a daily basis.

Anyway, I shared with him a long-term goal I haven’t achieved. “Words,” said Anton, “have real power and energy. Try adding the word ‘yet’ to that goal!”

Well, it’s still a ‘work in progress’, but things have started moving forward.

In the meantime, I’d highly recommend you grab one of Antons’ books and see if it leaves you in better shape than it found you! ( )

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