Exercise Encourager


Folks, I love this time of year when traffic vanishes for a month or so, and my morning pedal to work isn’t a panic-filled commute in Gladstone’s Mad Max Death Race.

It’s so quite on the streets that I’ve cautiously ventured onto the roads for a change.

This is a good thing because the footpaths are filling up with morning exercisers. With Christmas approaching faster than an angry Trump tweet, they’re obviously hoping to lose a few kilos before the yearly Yuletide binge begins.

And each morning, more fresh, red faces appear on the path and I’ll nod a cheery ‘Hello’. Most of them nod back and some of the nicer ones even stop their dogs from chasing me.

But recently I’ve noticed a solid, middle-aged woman stomping along one particular footpath each day with a look of fierce determination on her face. I mentally wish her all the best, because there’s absolutely no way I’m going to talk to her.

You see, the last time I tried to encourage a large-ish exercising woman was a few years ago and, looking back, having some grinning, wild-eyed, hairy bloke ride up behind you and announce that he’s been watching you work-out every day and to keep up the great effort, is probably not a good thing.

Like all exercisers, I had the best intentions, but you may not be surprised to know that this was the last time I saw her. To this day I hope that she kept going (obviously on another footpath I don’t pedal along) and continued to lose weight, and didn’t quit or wind up in therapy.

So, if you’re one of the numerous pavement-pounders watching my portly personage puffing past you on a pushie each morning, then please accept this as my sincere, but silent, encouragement.

About Greg Bray

Greg Bray didn't come from Gladstone, and moved away from the place forever in his twenties then came back and settled down. He is occasionally surprised to discover he's over 50, still enjoying riding his battery powered pushbike 'Pubtruck III' and getting a buzz from writing and publishing blog posts. He is a huge fan of Bill Bryson, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Tolkien, Alain de Botton and countless other writers who have made him chuckle (or think) over the years (although he does feel a bit guilty for owning a couple of Jeremy Clarkson books). One day he hopes to bring joy to others through his own scribblings.
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