Merry New Resolutions!

Yeah… I’ve got this

Folks, this year I’ve decided to get my New Year’s Resolutions out of the way early; pity I didn’t think to do the same thing with my Christmas shopping.

Anyway, at my age (a sprightly fifty-one) I reckon I’ve got roughly another twenty or so years to get my act together in order to be a better human being, so it’s time to get slightly serious about it; life that is.

So, after lots of reading, much thinking and pondering, most of which was done while Long Suffering Wife was talking to/at me, I came up with the ‘Greg Bray lifechanging, this is it, I really mean it this time, no more mucking about, 2018 Goals List!’ (Pat. Pend.)

Basically, from now on, instead of trying to achieve my usual collection of over the top, one thousand goals, this year I’ve whittled it down to focussing on four: Health, Wealth and Family.

Yes, I realise that’s only three, but I’m leaving the fourth space spare just in case I think up a really cracking goal later on. Although, right now, a big contender is: No more mentally drifting off while Long Suffering Wife is talking to me.

Anyway, by focussing only on the above four (currently, three) goals, I’ll ask myself the following question before making any future decisions: “Is what I’m contemplating good for my Health, Wealth and Family?”

For example: Is eating this cream bun good for my health, wealth or family? (Answer: No. No. And No!) End result, I’ll eat the cream bun so it doesn’t tempt anyone else wandering through the kitchen.

Obviously, I’ve got my work cut out refining this ground-breaking scheme, but at least this year I’ve got a plan! Because, as they say in the Army, “A bad plan is better than no plan at all.” Which is what you’d expect from the mob who also came up with the following oxymoron’s: Army Intelligence, Friendly Fire and Civil War.

Still, with a little more pre-Christmas tweaking, I’m hoping that next year’s New Years’ resolutions will actually survive past January second; for a change.

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