A Spin Round Spinnaker Park


Folks, some of you are about to start your New Years’ Exercise plans, to which I say, “Are you mad?!”

But, if you’re determined to do something anyway, then start by walking a few kilometres a day. It won’t kill you (possibly), and is the perfect exercise for anyone making the sudden leap from being a couch ridden sloth to a super go-getting dynamo with buns of steel! And maybe swollen knees and clicking ankles.

So, today, I’d like to take you on a lap of my favourite rambling track, Spinnaker Park at the Marina. It’s got everything I like in an exercise circuit: great views, minimal wild dogs and best of all, no hills! On the downside, sometimes you’ll lose an excessive amount of blood to the sand-flies and mosquitos.

Anyway, starting at the main gate carpark, toddle along the block wall to the park near the café. Next, pay for your flat white (and maybe a small biscuit) and return to the track on the marina side of the park, then start walking anti-clockwise around the circuit.

Actually, it doesn’t matter which way you stroll, but give the oddball freaks who walk round the park in a clockwise direction a wide berth when you see them approaching.

The halfway mark is roughly near the marina entrance, overlooking Auckland Creek, and is the perfect place to rip out a few push-ups, or, you could watch the dolphins playing and finish your coffee. Your call.

Back on the trail, enjoy the harbour views as you power past the small beach and stainless-steel yacht structure. Now, if you have a bladder like mine i.e.: the size of a baked bean, you’ll be in dire need of a toilet, so return to the café.

At this point you’ll have covered about 1.85 kilometres and burned approximately one to two hundred calories, basically the same amount in a flat white and small biscuit, so back to the path you go porky!

Finally, if you like, throw caution to the wind and try walking round the circuit clockwise, I won’t judge you; too much.

About Greg Bray

Greg Bray didn't come from Gladstone, and moved away from the place forever in his twenties then came back and settled down. He is occasionally surprised to discover he's over 50, still enjoying riding his battery powered pushbike 'Pubtruck III' and getting a buzz from writing and publishing blog posts. He is a huge fan of Bill Bryson, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Tolkien, Alain de Botton and countless other writers who have made him chuckle (or think) over the years (although he does feel a bit guilty for owning a couple of Jeremy Clarkson books). One day he hopes to bring joy to others through his own scribblings.
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