A Spin Round Spinnaker Park


Folks, some of you are about to start your New Years’ Exercise plans, to which I say, “Are you mad?!”

But, if you’re determined to do something anyway, then start by walking a few kilometres a day. It won’t kill you (possibly), and is the perfect exercise for anyone making the sudden leap from being a couch ridden sloth to a super go-getting dynamo with buns of steel! And maybe swollen knees and clicking ankles.

So, today, I’d like to take you on a lap of my favourite rambling track, Spinnaker Park at the Marina. It’s got everything I like in an exercise circuit: great views, minimal wild dogs and best of all, no hills! On the downside, sometimes you’ll lose an excessive amount of blood to the sand-flies and mosquitos.

Anyway, starting at the main gate carpark, toddle along the block wall to the park near the café. Next, pay for your flat white (and maybe a small biscuit) and return to the track on the marina side of the park, then start walking anti-clockwise around the circuit.

Actually, it doesn’t matter which way you stroll, but give the oddball freaks who walk round the park in a clockwise direction a wide berth when you see them approaching.

The halfway mark is roughly near the marina entrance, overlooking Auckland Creek, and is the perfect place to rip out a few push-ups, or, you could watch the dolphins playing and finish your coffee. Your call.

Back on the trail, enjoy the harbour views as you power past the small beach and stainless-steel yacht structure. Now, if you have a bladder like mine i.e.: the size of a baked bean, you’ll be in dire need of a toilet, so return to the café.

At this point you’ll have covered about 1.85 kilometres and burned approximately one to two hundred calories, basically the same amount in a flat white and small biscuit, so back to the path you go porky!

Finally, if you like, throw caution to the wind and try walking round the circuit clockwise, I won’t judge you; too much.

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