Pooper Scooping

A poo free path.  Well done team!

Folks, I’m no muckraker, but I’ve stepped in the stuff a few times; too many times actually.

Which is why a few weeks ago, as I was staggering around Spinnaker Park, I was delighted to see a bloke, with one arm in a sling, using a black plastic bag to pick up his dog’s poo.

So, I stopped in mid-lurch to pat this wonderful human being on the back and I was surprised to see that it was Mr. Spinnaker Park himself, Leo Zussino! Still, I gave Leo, and his smiling wife, the ‘Greg Bray Three Thumbs Up’ for doing their bit to keep the path clean.

We had a little chat, and I even poked fun at Leo’s busted shoulder. He took my ribbing fairly well, as opposed to having me bagged and tossed into the hold of the nearest China-bound coal ship.

And, this is the point I want to make for those of you who happily let your dogs crap all over this regions’ beaches, footpaths and parks: if Leo Zussino can stoop to pick up his dog’s turds, with a bung shoulder, then you can too.

I don’t want to see dogs banned from our public places, well, a part of me does, because it’s not the dog’s fault, it’s their owners who need training.

But, if you’re kind-hearted enough to go to the trouble of putting a hair-shedding, slobbering, smelly mutt in your car and taking it for a walk in a nice place, then do everyone a favour when it poo’s, get down on your knees, put a plastic bag over your hand, pick it up, tie a knot in the top and place the bag in the nearest dog poo bin.

It’s not rocket science people!

If you’re too squeamish to wrangle warm lumps of pongy poo, then don’t walk your dog in a public place. Anyway, spare a thought for the poor GPC workers who have to empty the poo bins (without pegs on their noses), and their boss, Leo, who can do it with one hand strapped to his chest.

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