Cool Change Mugged by Humidity

HumidFolks, last weekend I was using the mower to re-distribute the dog poo around the lawn and for the first time in ages it didn’t feel like I was mowing in a sauna.

A cool breeze was blowing from the south, there were no flys sticking to my face, and my t-shirt wasn’t clinging to my back like a needy ex-girlfriend.

God had decided to give Gladstone the weekend off and was instead sinking His Heavenly Slipper into Far North Queensland as rain of Biblical proportions swamped the swamps of Ingham, Innisfail and Townsville.

Here in Gladstone life was pretty cool. So cool in fact that the ceiling fans in our plasterboard palace were turned back to the lowest setting for the first time in months.

I could even hear the tele again because it was no longer competing with the roar of two chopper blades thumping overhead.

Hopes are high that this year we may be in for a cool winter. I can already hear the scoffing, but for the first time in ages I think it’s possible.

It’s been a while, but Gladstone used to get proper Autumns and Winters. I have photos of me dressed up at the Harbour Festival in an army great coat, ugg boots and a beanie. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right, I’m still a snappy dresser.

Now, that coat, uggies and beanie may have gone to the Ol’ Wardrobe in the Sky, but I have other winter clothes gathering dust in the back of my wardrobe. They haven’t see the light of day for years, but I’ve given them the once over, and they’ll be fine.

Once I lose a bit more weight. Maybe I should hang out in the sauna a bit longer?

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