Honestly – don’t tell me you don’t lie

LyingFolks, if I were to ask if you are basically an honest person, you’d probably tell me that you are.

You big fake, phony fibber!

To be truthful, everyone tells lies. I suppose it’s just a matter of degrees, ranging from little white lies, half-truths and fibs, right up to shams, scams, whoppers and political promises.

Lying to impress others, protect yourself or cover up something you did is not particularly flash. But I’ve been thinking about the lies we tell to protect others feelings, aka: little white lies.

If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, then white lies must be the traffic cones.

Personally, I think they’re grease that keeps society running smoothly.

For example, imagine a small child has spent a considerable amount of time scribbling a picture of you as a smiling stick figure and presented, in front of everyone, with a flourish of pride.

Will you scrumple it up and yell, “What’s this garbage?! Are you for real?! Do you know nothing of perspective? Are you completely oblivious to the concepts of form and space?!”

Of course not. Possibly.

Nope, you’ll smile and make a big show of sticking little Van Gogh’s artwork on the fridge then probably make things worse by asking them to do some more drawings.

Why? Because you don’t want to shoot them in the foot at the starting line of life’s long marathon.

Also, you realise it’s not about the art, you genuinely do appreciate the effort they went to. They’ve demonstrated, in their own unique, cack-handed way, how much they like you.

When they’re older they’ll understand that you weren’t being completely straight with them when it came honestly assessing their talent. But you did it because you loved them and wanted to encourage them.

Hopefully they’ll work it out before they open a gallery and try to sell their cruddy artwork.

Like I said it’s a matter of degrees, sometimes it’s OK to tell little lies to encourage someone you love.

In which case, I’m happy to remain a small-scale fibber and that’s the honest truth.

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