Just another memorable Saturday

I was going to post this on Saturday morning, but as you’ll see I was a bit pre-occupied…


Folks, today is just another Saturday, nothing out of the ordinary, but for many people it’s going to be a memorable day.

Today, our eldest daughter gets married.

This afternoon, I’ll walk her down the aisle and leave her standing next to a nice, young man who we only met a few years ago. It’s impossible to imagine our family without him in it now.

Anyway, half an hour later our little girl will have a different last name and a whole new life ahead of her. Although, she’ll be stuck with the nickname I gave her when she was a toddler, because those things are for life.

Now, like all weddings, a lot of planning, preparation and effort have gone into making this special day, just that little bit extra special. But, in spite of what the movies try to tell us, no ceremony is absolutely perfect. Happily, this is ideal preparation for married life.

We’re all hoping the weather will be fine (fingers crossed), that the ceremony and reception will go without a hitch (perhaps, but highly unlikely) and finally, that making me the MC at the reception won’t backfire in their faces (in a venue full of family, friends and free alcohol? Well, good luck with that!)

Although Long Suffering Wife will probably have a backup plan involving a pair of large, smiling bouncers who will efficiently restore order if I do look like going AWOL on the microphone.

Regardless, I’m sure we’ll all have a lot of fun, shed a few tears and send the newly weds off on their long and happy life together.

Many years from now, I know they’ll look back on this day and through the shimmering, magical haze of memory, will recall their own special, golden moments.

A whispered sentiment. The smell of someone’s perfume. The lyrics of a song. All the tight, wordless hugs which shared the pent-up joy, pride and love that mere words couldn’t express.

The smiles, laughter and twinkling eyes of people who are no longer around.

A wonderful kaleidoscope of fond memories from just another Saturday.


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