The Shortest Street in the World?


Folks, I think I’ve found the shortest street in the Gladstone region, and it’s has to be a contender for shortest in the world.

It’s Bates St. in Miriam Vale, Queensland, and as you can see from the photos, it’s barely longer than a Honda Jazz. (Note: a Honda Jazz is roughly the size of an adult roller skate)

Obviously, it used to be a lot longer, but now it hardly qualifies as a street, a lane or even a crescent. It’s just an incredibly short bit of designated dirt.

I’ve seen bigger parking bays.

To see if it’s a contender for ‘The Shortest Street In The World!’, I checked Google and it learned that this entry from Scotland is the shortest.

Frankly, the winning ‘street’ looks more like a footpath to me, so I’m crying ‘Foul!‘.

At least Bates Street goes somewhere, even if it is to a bike path or some sort of easement.

Anyway, other contenders in our region are this one, Ocean Park Court in Barney Point, which is more of a driveway, but who am I to argue with the people who deem these things to be public access ways?

And this one (below) is Mars Lane, off Mars Crescent in Telina Estate, which also looks very driveway-like, but is nevertheless registered as an official street.

Look, I’m no expert on street designation, town planning, or pretty much anything else for that matter. But if you think you know of a shorter street than these three in the Gladstone region… or anywhere else for that matter, drop me a line and I’ll check it out. (Note: I am extremely prepared to visit Scotland for research purposes.)

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