How to be remembered

Hello from the past!

Kids, depending on who you talk to, I’m either a funny, thoughtful and mostly harmless sort of bloke, or, a boisterous, naïve, easily led, chronically overthinking, touchy, people pleasing, attention seeking whore.

On the bright side, at least you’ll be remembered…

But, if this exercise goes to plan, you’ll learn a lot more about me, and have some idea of what I was actually like, from the horses’ mouth… so to speak, and you’ll have a better understanding of who you are too; hopefully.

(Note: because I’m the author of these pages, I will admit there may be the slightest bias towards me being described as a fairly wonderful sort of chap.)

Anyway, I’ve reached an age where I really want to know more about my ancestors.

I have a few memories of the two grandparents who lived long enough for me to get to know (about as much as an easily distracted boy takes in at the time), but I have no memories, and hardly any stories, about my great grandparents and most of my other relatives.

What made them happy, sad or angry? What did they think of the world events they lived through, who did they admire, what were their friends’ names, which hobbies and pastimes did they like, what were their hopes and dreams, favourite colours, songs, books, political preferences and where did they live and why?

I know they lived and loved (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this, and you certainly wouldn’t be reading it), but as far as our family’s history is concerned, they’re pretty much gone and almost forgotten.

So, after much procrastination (honestly, for way too long; something I’ll talk about later) I’ve finally implemented a system/routine to capture a few thoughts (oh, I do love a good system/routine), and maybe a video or two, for you, and future generations, to look back on.

I’ll talk to my parents about their lives, what they can recall about their parents and grandparents, and share it with you here on this blog.

It may go unread, but at least it’s ‘somewhere’ if you want to find out more about your family tree.

Hopefully, knowing something about the people who made up part of your genetic mix will give you some idea of why you are what you are, do what you do, think what you think, look, like, love, act and feel.

I’ll do my best to make it interesting.

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